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We are professional air leakage testers to test for the air tightness of all domestic dwellings. Building regulations part L1A require every new building to have a test and as registered BINDT testers we are able to provide you with the neccessary certificate.

Each test is carried out using the latest computer software and equipment to enqure the results are accurate and as needed by industry standards. We arrange a day and time to suit you and cover the whole of the UK.

Any questions? Contact us or view our FAQ page to find out more about air pressure testing, why it is needed and what it involves.

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There are building regulations – specifically part L1a of Building Regulations (2006 edition) – that concern air tightness testing Telford and report. Air Tech Solutions was established in order to permit house builders to comply with this law. The industry professionals who set up this service have years of experience in both the management and practical sides of construction, and their aim is to provide an effective facility for house builders.

With a third party approved scheme involving the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMC) and the Council of the Institute providing administration, technical expertise and management, and reporting respectively, Air Tech Solutions’ work is fully compliant and approved.

What is an air tightness test?

A pressurisation test involves the sealing off of all chimneys and flues in a residence or dwelling. Next, a fan is set up in the main entrance doorway of the abode to determine how much air flow is needed to sustain an excess pressure of some 50 pascals (Pa).
The pressurisation test ought to be carried out in adherence to BS EN 13929. Air permeability is recorded in the following manner: Cubic metres per hour per square metre of envelope area at 50 pascals (m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa).

The “envelope” is the area of the floors, walls and ceilings encompassing the internal volume of the test area.

While the processing of data and the production of test results is carried out on bespoke software, any measurements that are carried out must use just calibrated instrumentation, which must be calibrated thereafter annually. Readings that are taken include those for external wind speed, humidity and temperature.

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