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Here at Air Tech Solutions we carry out air tightness testing for all domestic dwellings. As registered BINDT testers we provide all our clients with the necessary test certificates for airtightness testing, which are required by Building Regulations part L1A.

Using the latest equipment and computer software enables us to carry out the test with ease at a convenient time and day to suit you. We
look forward to discussing your specific requirements and providing you with a quotation.

View our FAQ page to find out more about air testing, why it is needed and what it involves.

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Air Tech Solutions

Air Tech Solutions is the result of the need for compliance with L1a of Building Regulations (2006 edition), which is a part of the building regulations that concerns th
e testing and reporting of air tightness. The service was set up by highly experienced construction industry professionals, whose eye is on the provision of a cost effective and resourceful business.

The operation by Air Tech Solutions of a quality scheme for the air tightness testing Shrewsbury of homes and buildings is fully approved. It is a third party approved scheme overseen by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), with the provision of technical expertise and management by the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMC), which in turn reports to the Council of the Institute.

What is an air tightness test?

The pressurisation test involves the setting up of a fan in the main doorway to a residence, and sealing off all chimneys and flues. The rate of air flow needed is a sustained excess pressure of 50 pascals (Pa). The pressurisation test is performed in accordance with BS EN 13929. The scientific definition of air permeability for these tests is in cubic metres per hour per square metre of envelope area at 50 pascals (m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa). The envelope area of the building is the measured part of it – comprising the volume that is taken up by the region surrounded by the designated walls, floors and ceilings. Humidity, temperature and external wind speeds are just some of the measurements that are noted during commissioning. These require calibrated instrumentation, and that must be calibrated annually thereafter. Bespoke software is used to produce the test results after the data has been processed.

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