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The setting up of Air Tech Solutions was in response to the need for air tightness testing Shropshire and reporting in order to adhere to part L1a of Building Regulations (2006 edition). The business was established by very experienced construction professionals who have both practical and management experience in the field, with a view to providing a competent service.

Through a third party approved scheme administrated under the aegis of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMC) provides management and technical expertise. This in turn reports to the Council of The Institute. Air Tech Solutions is itself therefore fully compliant in its field, with the quality control that these bodies provide when it comes to air tightness of housing.


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Air Tech Solutions carries out air tightness testing for domestic dwellings, and provides its clients with the necessary test certificates for air tightness testing required by Building Regulations part L1A.

We are equipped with the latest ind
ustry standard air pressure testing equipment and computer software, and look forward to discussing your specific requirements.

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What is an air tightness test?

At bottom, a pressurisation test determines the air flow rate that is needed to keep up an excess pressure of 50 pascals (Pa). This is done once all the flues and chimneys are sealed in a building, and the principal doorway of the dwelling is fitted with a fan. BS EN 13929 is the standard to adhere to when performing these pressurisation tests. Air permeability is detailed in the following manner: Cubic metres per hour per square metre of envelope area at 50 pascals (m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa). The envelope part of the building is all the floors, ceilings and walls that border the internal volume of the test area.

Readings that include temperature, external wind speed and humidity must be taken during the tests in order to guarantee their validity. This means that all of the equipment used is calibrated before commissioning work, and afterwards on a yearly basis. Proprietary software processes the data and produces the test results. We operate across the UK and are happy to provide a free quote and perhaps advice, should you need it before choosing us. Please feel free to fill in our online form or phone us at 07850 410 957 for air pressure testing Shropshire. 28.12.11.
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Air Pressure Tightness Testing
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